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Vendome Floral Bouquet Wall Tapestry

Vendome Floral Bouquet Wall Tapestry

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Vendome is a French woven jacquard wall art tapestry. This romantic tapestry features hanging garlands and a lavish bouquet of flowers, framed by a decorative border with stylized designs recalling the decoration of the Renaissance. Magnificent tapestry made in France in the early 20th century inspired from a subject of the 19th century.

Measurement: 69 cm high and 96 cm long.

For centuries, tapestry has been a French tradition. It has largely contributed to the embellishment of French heritage. The Liciers workshops in northern France, Paris and Val-de-Loire created marvelous tapestries from the Middle Ages to the end of the 16th century. These works can be admired in French castles and museums.

In the 17th century, Colbert founded the Gobelins in 1660, then the royal factory of Beauvais. He then set up weaving workshops in Aubusson and Felletin. It is for these workshops that the greatest Italian painters of the Renaissance will produce remarkable works. The Revolution put an end to the creative genius of the upholsterers. But in 1795, Beauvais, Aubusson and Felletin reopened until the 19th century and the drawings of the greatest cardboard makers of the royal factories were reproduced there.

Over the centuries, tapestry techniques have changed. Around 1757, Jacques de Vaucanson perfected a low heddle loom which was subsequently slightly improved by Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752-1834), le point d'Halluin.

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