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Meissen Dresden Porcelain Vase

Meissen Dresden Porcelain Vase

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Stunning antique Meissen Dresden porcelain vase. This astounding neoclassical cobalt blue version is decorated with serpents handles and vivid hand painted flowers.

The vase is 22 cm High, 14 cm Wide and 11 cm Deep.

Augustus II, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, founded the Royal Saxon Porcelain Manufactory in Albrechtsburg, Meissen in 1710. Johann Friedrich Bottger, an alchemist and Tschirnhaus, a nobleman, experimented with kaolin from the Dresden area to produce porcelain. By 1720, the factory produced a whiter hard-past porcelain than that from the Far East. The Meissen factory experienced its golden age from the 1730s to the 1750s. By the 1730s, Meissen employed nearly 100 workers. It became known for its porcelain sculptures Meissen dinnerware also won acclaim.

The Meissen factory was destroyed and looted by the forces of Frederick the Great during the Seven Years' War (1756-1763). It was reopened but never achieved its former greatness. By the early 1800s, Meissen's popularity began to wane. In the 19th century, the factory reissued some of its earlier forms. Many marks were used by the Meissen factory. The famous crossed swords mark was adopted in 1724.


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