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Karl Griesbaum Signing Bird Cage Music Box Automaton

Karl Griesbaum Signing Bird Cage Music Box Automaton

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Remarkable Karl Griesbaum signing bird cage automaton made in Germany circa 1925-40. This exceptionally well preserved and fully functional cage is made out of brass with 2 clockwork birds automatons that are made of real feathers and sings while moving. A great talking piece when entertaining guests.

The cage is 52 cm High, 28 cm Wide and 28 cm Deep.

The firm of Karl Griesbaum (1872-1941), founded in 1905, originally produced clock parts, but soon went onto specialise in the production of singing bird boxes and were the dominant producer in the 20th century until they closed in 1988.

Griesbaum boxes featured only one song and one movement, although the movement was offered in three build qualities. However, with over 30 different case styles available the movement was often a secondary consideration. Even if the highest level of finish was applied to the movement the performance of the bird would still be the same. The cases themselves were made in the manner of the great bird box producers (Rochat, Bruguier etc) and were available also in different grades (silver gilt, gilt brass, silver etc).

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