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Gaudy Welsh Style Pottery Teapot

Gaudy Welsh Style Pottery Teapot

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Charming Gaudy Welsh style English pottery teapot. This teapot is made of solid brown earthenware pottery decorated with cream, blue, red and orange glaze with gold trimmings.

The teapot with stand is 18 cm High, 20 cm Long and 17,5 cm Wide.

Gaudy Welsh is a generic term used to describe a specific group of domestic/household wares manufactured in England between 1820 and 1860 and sold in Wales and exported to regional American markets with large Welsh populations. It is one of several pottery types that were part of the transition between hand-crafted and mass-produced ceramics. Like Gaudy Dutch and Ironstone, Gaudy Welsh was inexpensive, thus appealing to lower and middle-income families. Pieces sold for a few pennies. Gaudy Welsh often is referred to as cheerful, cheap, and colorful.

Gaudy Welsh was not produced in Wales. The motif appears to have originated with Llanelly and Swansea. Newcastle and Sunderland also made Gaudy Welsh. The majority of the ware produced by ceramic manufacturers such as Allertons and Copeland in England’s Staffordshire District. Gaudy Welsh patterns are painted in cobalt blue and russet (brownish red) under the glaze. When a pink luster is applied over the glazed cobalt, a copper like color appears. Dark and light green, orange, pink, and yellow also were used. Pieces are often gilded in gold or silver luster. Many of the decorative motifs have a strong “Imari” appearance. A variety of ceramic bodies were used—bone china, creamware, and ironstone.

Although most manufacturers stopped producing Gaudy Welsh by the 1860s, some continued production into the early 20th century.


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