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Satsuma Style Porcelain Tea Set

Satsuma Style Porcelain Tea Set

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Satsuma style Chinese porcelain tea set. Very decorative, the whole is hand painted with pretty gold trims. The set includes a teapot, a creamer, a sugar bowl and six cups.

These pieces of earthenware pottery are decorated with stunning images of scenes from Japanese society.

The teapot is 19,5 cm high, 23 cm long and 9 cm large. 

The sugar bowl is 11,5 cm high, 16 cm long and 9,5 cm large. 

The creamer is 10 cm high, 11,5 cm long and 9 cm large.

The cups are 8 cm high with 8,5 cm of diameter.

Satsuma Ware is a type of Japanese pottery originally from Satsuma Province in southern Kyushu. Today, it can be divided into two distinct categories: the original plain dark clay early Satsuma made in Satsuma from around 1600, and the elaborately decorated export Satsuma ivory-bodied pieces which began to be produced in the nineteenth century in various Japanese cities. By adapting their gilded polychromatic emanel overglazed designs to appeal to the tastes of western consumers, manufacturers of the latter made Satsuma ware one of the most recognized and profitable export products of the Meji period.



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