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Très British!

Brass Button Bears, Daisy & Baxter

Brass Button Bears, Daisy & Baxter

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20th century 1900's Collection hand-crafted and fully jointed Pickford Bears Ltd Minneapolis USA. Daisy and Baxter Bears that come with a stand.

The bears are 30 cm high, 12 cm long and 10.5 cm large.

On a sunny winter's day in 1900 June Goodridge, a steamstress in upstate Maine opened the door to find a baby on her porch. He was wrapped in a simple blanket. She cared for the baby and their bond became so strong that she adopted the child and named him Joshua. When Joshua was eight he made a teddy bear on his mother's sewing machine. He dressed it in the clothes of the day and fastened a brass button to it. The bear became is friend and every ten years Joshua made another special bear. He went on to became a successful in businessand in life, with a happy marriage and ten children who he loved dearly.

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