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Balinese Wooden Sculpted Statue, Ratna Manggali

Balinese Wooden Sculpted Statue, Ratna Manggali

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Delightful vintage Balinese hand made wooden sculpted statue representing Ratna Manggali made Indonesia. Beautifully decorated with vivid colors, gold trimmings and incrusted mirrors. 

The statue is 32 cm high, 15 cm long and 15 cm large. 

The Calonarang stories are set during the reign of the East Javanese King Erlangga in the 11th century. The stories are about a woman called Calonarang who was rejected (or widowed) by her husband and exiled to live in the forest. Her beautiful daughter, Ratna Manggali, was married to a prince of king Erlangga’s court. However her mother’s reputation as a witch leads the king to send Ratna Manggali back home. Angry about her fate, Calonarang uses supernatural powers to wreak sickness and destruction on the kingdom.





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