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Très British!

Delware Ware Ye Buffalo Pottery America Collection Plate

Delware Ware Ye Buffalo Pottery America Collection Plate

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Elegant decorative plate Delware Ware Buffalo,1909. Entitled Ye village gossips, the plate is signed by the artist, which is very rare. A true collector's item. 

The plate as 25,5 cm of diameter.

Operating nine kilns from the very beginning, the first Buffalo products were actually semi-vitreous dinnerware sets. In fact, this was the first American-based company to produce a line of Blue Willow Ware, and their mastery of blue-printing china rivaled that of English factories. They also developed a line named Gaudy Willow which featured multi-colored decor. Other early products included game, fowl and fish sets—styles popular the world over in the early 1900s. They made advertising plates and mugs as well.

Buffalo also made commemorative and historical lines, which included Roosevelt Bears (akin to the “Teddy” bear) pieces like the one shown here. Other pitchers made depict fairy tales like Cinderella or historical figures such as George Washington. Even when these pieces are stained like the example here, they can still easily sell in excess of $1,000 each due to their rarity.

By 1911, this growing pottery company employed close to 250 people. The premium products on which the company was founded continued to be popular with consumers who gladly redeemed certificates distributed with the purchase of Larkin products to obtain their Buffalo Pottery wares.

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