The bedroom's layout and design

The bedroom is one of the most private rooms in a modern house or apartment. when the master or mistress of the house goes around the owner with his guests in order to present to them the living room, the guest rooms, the dining room, possibly the billiard room and other particularly great lord l stairway to the wine cellar), they most often fail to show their own bedroom. They explain that there is nothing interesting behind its doors, that the room is just not tidied up, or completely ignores its existence. But it was not always so. in the past, the bedroom was a living space with multiple functions. It was therefore necessary to carefully plan a consequent development. A sumptuous bed, with dignity installed in the center of the room. Upholstered chairs and various tables were placed in strategic places, preferably near the fireplace, so that everyone could benefit from all the warmth of the flames in winter. The office, intended for morning work, was ideally in front of the window. When wardrobes and dressing tables had to be put in, the place threatened to run out. But this smallness linked to the characteristic mixture of color, shape of fabric, period and eccentricity, was and still today a preponderant factor in the character and comfort of the British bedroom.

Source: Very British - Lifestyle and traditions of the British Isles